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About the Super Scooper

  • Quick, Easy and Simple 
  • Collects Manure Effeciently and Successfully 
  • Used Predominantly by Women and Teenagers 
  • Unmatched on price 
  • Doubles as a yard trailer
  • Super Light Weight Easy to Maneuver
  • Adjustable Tow Hitch
  • Wheels Push Under Once Loaded - Does Not Require Lifting
  • 1000's of Happy Users 

Most horse owners know the frustration of having to manually clean horse manure from yards and paddocks. It can be a constant and back breaking job that consumes hours of valuable time.

The Super Scooper saves horse owners and businesses hours of hard work, eliminating the need to bend over performing back breaking work a shovel and wheelbarrow. Cleaning up horse manure becomes a breeze with the innovative and easy design of the Super Scooper. With the ability to change from a scooper to a trailer to transport manure in seconds, there is no quicker or more efficient Horse Manure Removal System available. Attach the Super Scooper unit to a tow vehicle such as a ride on lawn mower (lawn tractor) or quad bike then drag it along behind to scoop up manure. Once a paddock is finished, the Super Scooper is easily converted into a small trailer in less than 20 seconds to transport and dump the manure at a site of choice.

The Super Scooper also acts as a yard trailer, designed to accommodate 2 small hay bales; The Super Scoopers dual use makes it an essential piece of horse equipment for your property.

Quick Clean up Horse Manure in 5 Easy Steps

Attach the When the manure has been collected, reverse the tow bar. Swing the wheels under the scoop tray and it becomes a mini- trailer.
Attach the trailer to your mower or quad bike and transport the waste to a dump site. Simply tilt the trailer to dump the waste. Ideal for smaller paddocks and yards where regular cleaning is essential.

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